Pricing Examples

24 HR turnaround on most repairs

$59.00 Repairs

Standard Canister Style Repairs

$79.00 Repairs

Midwest Quiet Air Standard, Midwest Tradition Standard, Lares Standard, Star 430 Standard

(Convert to Power Lever/Push Button - $225.00)

$89.00 Repairs

Midwest Quiet Air L, Midwest Tradition L, NSK Push Button, Kinetic Viper, Japanese Push Button, Schein Master Push Button, Patterson Push Button, Benco Push & Swivel

(If new autochuck is required add an additional $35.00)

$95.00 Repairs

Lares Push Button, W & H Push Button, Impact Air Push Button, Sabra OMS Push Button

(If new autochuck is required add an additional $55.00)

$110.00 Repairs

KaVo Series, Star 430K SW, Star 430SWL, MK Dent

(If new autochuck is required add an additional $35.00)

Slow Speed Repairs - $129.00 and up

KaVo Series, Star Titan Series, Midwest Shorty, Midwest Rhino, Midwest Tru-Torc, Midwest RDH, W & H Series, NSK Series, Lares, Lynx, Medidenta, Champion Little Guy, Coast Little Guy, Safco, Micro Motors, Master Torque, Prophy Pal

Scaler Repairs - $125.00 and up

Star Series, KaVo Series, NSK Series, Micro Mega

Nose Cone Repairs - $75.00 and up

Midwest, Star, KaVo, NSK , W & H, Micro Motor, Schein, Medidenta, Lynx, Athena Champion

Attachment Repairs - $45.00 and up

Midwest, Star, KaVo, W & H, NSK, Schein, Micro Motors, Medidenta, Lynx, Athena Champion, Micro Mega

Electric Attachment & Motor Repairs - $159.00 and up

KaVo, Star, Midwest, Bien Air, W & H, NSK, Sirona, Brasseler, SciCan

Fiberoptic Replacement - $95.00 and up

Midwest Quiet Air, Midwest Tradition, Star 430SWL, KaVo Series, NSK Series, Bien Air, Kinetic Viper, Japanese

Additional Repairs - $55.00 and up

Back End Replacement, Repair/Replace Waterline, Remount Head, Ream Head