Handpiece Mainetenance Tips

  1. Never run a handpiece without a bur.
  2. Never put handpieces with turbines in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  3. Never cool handpieces under cold running water.(Quick cool downs are bad for turbine components.)
  4. Never use a dry heat sterilizer to sterilize handpieces. (The excessive temperatures will damage bearings and other components.)
  5. Ensure that your steam sterilizer does not exceed 135C (275 F).
  6. Excessive air pressure (exceeding 35 psi), can cause damage to turbine bearings.
  7. Check your air and water supply filters and dryers on a regular basis.
  8. Try not to use long and/or large head burs.
  9. For push button turbines: do not use under or oversized burs. (Undersized < .0625 diameter, Oversized > .0630 diameter). Undersized burs will slip during use and cause damage to the push button chuck. Oversized burs will stick or jam inside the spindle, causing damage to the push button spindle.)
  10. Do not put lubricant into chuck/autochuck, put cleaner only.
  11. If you use autoclave bags for handpiece sterilization, make sure you remove them from the bag when they have cooled.
  12. Do not use high speed handpieces in labs, impression material debris can damage bearings.